We offer a wide range of dressmaker services. We make vintage and modern  bridal gowns, evening and themed costumes. You can bring in your own design as a sketch or an image from movies, celebrity red carpet events or any character you would like. Regardless of whether you have a pattern or not, we are able to create your ideal design.

We cater for all needs and styles. We can make Prom Dresses, petite Sized Dresses, Plus Sized dresses, School Formal gowns, Bridal Dresses or Gowns, Vintage Dresses, Cocktail dresses, Skirts, Mother of the Bride dresses, Bridesmaid dresses,  Last Minute Bridal Alterations, Ball Gown, Hand Made bridal, Wedding gowns,  Formal Alterations, Silk Dresses, Man's Suit Alterations, Kids dress, Christening,  Jacket, Pants, Coats,  50's Birth gown, Baby , dolly, Unique , Made to measure, Veil Lace work, Beads work  all types of Clothing , Costume Design , and more.

The prices listed below are simply guidelines. The cost of your design will vary depending on your choices. 

Notable thing is, you can make the similar looking dress in cheaper way. You can choose from cheaper methods or expensive methods as per your budget!